Care changes everything.

Beiersdorf cares.

About our employees, about society, about creating and improving iconic and global brands that care for their consumers. This unique core belief is what drives Beiersdorf in everything we do – and it’s what differentiates our company from our competitors.


At Beiersdorf CARE comes to life in many ways. Not only in skin care, but also in what is important in life: we care about skin, about people and beyond. To take it to an even higher level we aim to leave the world a better place for future generations. Be inspired by meaningful work for a company with a clearly lived purpose and the commitment to an ambitious sustainability agenda.

Our Strategy at Beiersdorf.

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Care is not a sentiment, but an action.


Our love brands have impacted millions of consumers worldwide since generations, making them feel good in their skin. As a market leader in skin care with a history of over 140 years we are proud of our iconic brands that we strive to develop further, to innovate and to take pride as we grow with them. Be part of the journey and leave your mark. Many years of corporate success have made us a trusted and reliable employer. Even in challenging times, we always stand behind our employees.

Write the story of iconic brands.


The power of WE​.

Our strong culture of togetherness leads us to great breakthroughs and deep insights: we combine diverse perspectives to discover those together. And when times get tough, you will feel the energy and resilience created by unity. Our company size enables meaningful connections across the globe. We offer all the opportunities of an international environment, striving to work together across borders and departments. Make your contribution to reach further and succeed together.

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Individuality makes the difference.

We at Beiersdorf see you as a person - way beyond your title or role. Our people reflect the individuality of our consumers globally and we emphasize a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone is encouraged to stand behind their opinions and express their thoughts. Our caring environment offers you the flexibility and support you need to succeed at work and in your personal life.

From company sports, job sharing and a canteen to kindergarten, parcel service and insurances: Find out more about the benefits of working at Beiersdorf.

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